Website Visitors Want To Text
Message You Questions.

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SMS Web to Phone TM

Connect with your website visitors before they go to to your competitors. Get more sales from your website
when visitors send text message to you on your cell phone. Now you can add Live Text messaging to
your websites with no issues or concerns about technology or staffing!

Why can’t your website ‘talk” to your cell phone?

Now it can. Your website visitors text their questions from your Wordpress Website or blog right to your phone, safely, securely and inexpensively!


2 Way Text Messaging - Always On!

The the SMS Web to Phone TM popup allows your visitors to ask their questions via text messaging right to your phone. SMS provides near-real-time synchronous conversations. Unlike chat products SMS Web to Phone TM user your Native Text Message app. You don’t have to be online and neither do your customers.

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Add a Wordpress Sidebar With a Shortcode.


Receive customer text messages from your website delivered to your smart phone's native text messaging application. No app to download or anything to get in the way of you and your prospect.

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Add “Text the Expert” form to your blog posts

By adding “text the Expert” form to your blog posts you are positioning yourself as the authority in your market! You have spent a lot of time creating content addressing your customer’s business problems. Your readers are real buyers who want to communicate with you - an expert who can solve their problems. Now they can text you from your blog post right to your smartphone.

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